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Wearables like clothing matched with shoes are the best way to decide what to wear. With this season near the end, the shoes and outfits match with personality if it looks decent and worth trying. Make your choice of wearables and purchase them through Zappos online discount store for a simple and worth it discount rate. As these deals can make a decisive impact on you and your personality traits.

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If you haven’t already noticed, the topic of office attire is one of our favorite topics of conversation here. Office fashion not only gives you the opportunity to wear something you wouldn’t wear on a day-to-day basis, it often allows you to mix up little parts of yourself along the way. Whether you’re making your own personal statements with your accessories or tried-and-true silhouettes, it’s always important to feel good about what you’ll be wearing for most of the week.

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Meanwhile, office footwear is an entirely different ballpark. Flats, loafers, kitten heels, oh my. The options are always a bit daunting and honestly? Uncomfortable. Concerned? I also. But don’t worry yet because the office shoe is here. What makes a great office sneaker wonder? No, it’s not that favorite pair you’ve had since high school or the ones you wear on the weekends. A good office shoe is all about style, shape, and versatility.

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Stuck on how to wear the office shoe to work? That’s where we come in. We’ve been loving the selection at SeaVees lately, and lucky for us, they go with just about any office outfit you can think of (plus, you can get 20% off with code ALL THE GIRLS and enter for a chance to win two pairs!) of free SeaVees shoes HERE). Keep scrolling for some best-fit inspo for the office, including sneakers.

The Classic White Shirt and Black Pants Combo

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This office outfit is so good that it can work as an outfit for literally anything else. I am obsessed with the platform look combined with a flowy hem on a pair of pants. From your morning commute to a night out, this look is guaranteed to be good all day long.

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Matching details in an ensemble are my ideal cup of tea. Oh, does my plaid jacket and plaid shoes match? I didn’t even notice! (Of course, I did). Combined with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, it is a perfect casual and fresh look.

A Comfortable Sweater Dress and Your Favorite Blazer

Sweater dresses are all the rage right now (with good reason), and paired with a dependable blazer and a great pair of shoes, you’re guaranteed to be unstoppable. Bonus points if the outfit is made up of a welcoming color palette. It’s the little things.

A Turtleneck Sweater and A Midi Skirt

Whoever brought back the midi skirt should be rewarded. Yes, I am wearing my biker shorts underneath and yes, it goes perfectly with my white platform sneakers. A win-win, if you ask me.

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