Fine Looking Skinny Jeans For Young and Slim Women

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When I think of skinny jeans, all I can hear is Beyonce singing “If you don’t jump to get your jeans on, baby, you don’t feel my pain,” and I have flashbacks of not only the jump but the inevitable hit. always added at the hem of my jeans because they never seemed to fit my 5’2″ frame length. Yet despite all of that, I still have my favorite skinny jeans stashed away at the bottom of my drawer.

While I’m a big believer in cleaning out your closet and buying clothes you’re guaranteed to wear and feel good about, I haven’t had time to throw out my skinny jeans because I know how basic they can be. They fit me well, they make me look good, and they definitely have time and a place to wear them (nothing else looks as good inside boots). Just because skinny jeans aren’t part of the current trend cycle doesn’t mean they’re not cool. Just as trends change over time, so can the way you design certain things change to make them look and feel more modern. And yes, that includes how you style your skinny jeans.

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If trend cycles have taught us anything lately, it’s that everything comes back, even if you don’t want to (hello Uggs, Birkenstock Bostons, and low-rise jeans). But you don’t need to wait until skinny jeans are back at the top of the denim trend list to wear yours. Here are ways to style your tried-and-true pair so they look great in 2022.

Combine Your Black Skinny Jeans With Black Boots

Skinny Jeans For Young and Slim Women 4

When the fashionista meets the super spy. This combination is simply a perfect match and offers you the opportunity to show off the top half of your calf-high boots. Pair the seamless bottom combo with an oversized, chunky cardigan and you’re good to go.

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Pairing your skinny jeans with your knee-high cleated-soled boots is a prime example of mixing old trends with new ones. How else are you going to show off your knee-high boots when it’s too cold to wear shorts or a miniskirt? Skinny jeans to the rescue!

Timeless and still on trend, a good pair of heeled sandals look great with your trusty skinny jeans. Whether strappy or more like a mule, the heel lengthens your legs and gets you ready to go out. Especially if you’re dressing for fall while living somewhere warm, this is a great combo.

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