How To Dress Your Age: Balance Between Style And Maturity

How To Dress Your Age: Balance Between Style And Maturity

How To Dress Your Age
How To Dress Your Age

Dress appropriately for your age, what exactly does it mean? In this guide, we examine how to dress appropriately for your age, and more importantly, how you will be seen. We have all seen middle-aged men dressed as teenagers, and the attention they are likely to get is not positive. Attire at your age, as a concept, has always existed and it is believed that there is a “correct” way to dress for every age. But is it really true?

How To Dress Your Age
How To Dress Your Age

salt and pepper hair

Attire for your age: does it matter?

The challenge of identifying how to dress at a certain age is manifold: the world has become more and more casual, there are more than a few clothing options on the market, clothing has become more affordable, and people in the world have become more and more more relaxed. the same age group may have no more in common than the number of years of existence.

Dressing your age is basically a matter of perception. It’s not about you, it’s about how others see you. Other people perceive you in a certain way depending on your age and the way you dress. The question is, do you care? Is it important for you to be seen in a certain way?

For most men, the answer to this question is yes. In business, for example. Wearing a Rolex watch be synonymous with success and make future customers feel more comfortable doing business with you, even if they do not like Rolex. If you work in an office, a dress code may require you to dress a certain way to fit in, be taken seriously and move forward. As you have probably heard us say, there are many benefits to dressing in a time when most people dress casually. The key to dressing according to your age is to balance how you will be seen with your age and maturity.

Dress your age, but only if it suits you

How To Dress Your Age
How To Dress Your Age

Some men, especially our readers, are stylish gentlemen who offer advice on how to dress according to their age, it’s like giving style advice to Massimiliano Mocchia Di Coggiola. These men have the unique ability to dress in their own style, regardless of their age and how others perceive them. They have decided what they like and just want to wear this! It does not work for everyone. For the rest of us, here is some food for thought on how to dress for your age.

Image result for seersucker suit and white brogues

 seersucker suit and white brogues

Start by asking yourself these questions: How do I want people to see me?

Like older, younger, my age, successful, artistic, etc.? Make this your most important consideration when choosing what to wear.

Do I want to stand out or fit in?

Decide what your goals are for your style; Will he be the best dressed boy in the room? Is it to look confident in the office? Do you seem to adapt to your surroundings?

What do I want from my closet? Should it be up to date and fashionable? Does it have a wardrobe that stands the test of time?

How do I want it when I get dressed?

Are you young, mature, stylish or confident? Do I want to be taken more seriously?

Young men under 25 years of age

Image result for short tie

Short Tie 1930s style 

If you are past the age where your mother chooses your clothes, you finally have the chance to shape your own style and wardrobe. You can get away with almost any look at this age, but if perception means something to you, now is the best time to start building a wardrobe that works for you rather than against you. You may not see the point in dressing up, but if at this age it is important to be taken seriously, consider doing more.

At this age, you can take advantage of your youthful appearance to experiment. On the other hand, you will be taken seriously as an adult newborn baby. Unless you are going to a job interview, wedding or funeral, you do not need to wear a jacket and tie. Instead, here are some tips for a successful combination of young people with a style that promotes maturity.

Image result for style for early 20s mens

This style works for teens or twenties, but getting older looks like you’re trying too hard.

  • To discover! At this point in your life, you can take greater risks while looking for a style that really suits you.

  • Start changing clothes. Your body shape is likely to change in the future, but now is the time to start learning shape. Almost all clothing can be improved with changes. For more information, see our mod guide here.

  • Start learning how to set your own style preferences first. Whatever look you like, now that you are an adult, learn to dress for your own needs and not for others including your family and friends. Unless you stick to the basic rules of decency and etiquette, do not let small comments about your style change your clothes.

  • Keep your pants tight, modern and simple. Chinos, dark denim and laces make you look mature but still young. Avoid extreme adjustments like tight pants and overly baggy tops that make you look insecure. Experiment and find out which cutouts, colors and cutouts work best for you.

  • Button down shirts are your friends. Especially in checks, squares and stripes, which are youthful designs that help balance the more mature figure of a button. Use it for a more mature look, or leave it buttoned.

  • Avoid tears, tears, paint splashes and acid washes. If you like these kinds of details, our style is probably not for you and they will make you look younger than you.

  • Buy your first watch. These days, watches are fun rather than necessary accessories, but they make a more mature youthful look work in an instant. Look at Timex, Fossil or Nixon, but make sure to keep the size of the box proportional to your wrist. We recommend 42 mm or less and less if you have thin wrists. If you want something younger to wear, consider a chronograph or a sports watch, even if you never want to wear it.

From the beginning to the middle of the twenties

Image result for formal guy

At this age, you probably need more work clothes. Being young is no longer an excuse to be poorly dressed, and at that age you start accepting it. Either you are at university or you get the first excellent job; Now is the time to dress for the career you want.

Image result for A great business casual outfit 

A great business casual outfit 

There is no excuse for not having a costume anymore. You will need it at some point, even if you work in an informal setting such as a workshop or a design studio. You will also need a blazer. Apart from that, the above tips for teens also work well. If you can, slowly start switching to a more mature style, but that does not mean you have to dress like your dad. Here are a few tips:

  • Buy your first costume. If you do not already have one, it is. Get your first costume if you haven’t already. Forget black. The saying that every man needs a black suit is a myth. Instead, choose navy blue or charcoal. Templates are easy to remember, so unless you have already created a collection, skip them now. If this is your first costume, consider a single-breasted suit with a cropped lapel. If it’s your second or third, add a touch of sophistication and class with a double-breasted suit and top lapel.

  • Also get a blazer. You may not feel comfortable with a suit on a regular basis, but a blazer is much more versatile and casual. A good blazer will prepare you for just about any dress code you come across.

  • Lose the velcro strap. You may not have a large budget at this age, but you should upgrade to a leather purse. It’s a small part of your overall appearance, but a youthful portfolio can derail your other attempts to appear more mature. A quality portfolio that is an excellent investment should last for the next decade.

  • Save your Nike for the gym. When it comes to shoes, athletic shoes make you look younger. Even though you still like to wear sneakers on the weekends, you need to separate your sports shoes from your casual shoes.

  • Update your non-gym casual shoes so that they at least look a little more formal than sports shoes, like simple, clean boat shoes or leather slippers.

  • Switch to classic hats. Sure, a baseball cap has its uses, but start thinking of hats as a way to highlight your style instead of hiding your headboard. Try a flat hood. Add a touch of maturity to your outfit and your teachers will not get mad at you if they catch you wearing it in the hallway. Reserve the baseball cap for more casual and sporty activities. Carry it frontally with the curved bill and the stickers and labels, and leave them where they belong: in the trash.

  • Buy a messenger bag and throw away your college backpack. A backpack immediately makes you look young, so it’s time to give it to your little brother and switch to a messenger bag.

Even though it is made of the same material as your backpack, it is a step forward in maturity.
Start creating a collection of dress shoes. Be sure to read our article on the top three pairs you need. For casual shoes, there are also plenty of options, so start looking for the ones you like.

Mid-twenties to late thirties

Image result for Mid-Twenties to Late Thirties mens

At that age, he probably settles. You have real bills to pay and mature relationships in your life. You grow up and it can be hard, but you like it because your dad sees you as a straight, instead of teaching him a lesson on how to open his shirt. Even if you have already established your style, it is important to keep developing and thinking about how your style should meet your goals.

Image result for Masculine Style mensImage result for gentleman style

 Masculine & Gentleman’s Style

  • Reassess your entire closet. At thirty, you probably have a few things in your closet that have been there from your teens or early 20s. Before you begin, read the questions above and then start editing. Pay attention to where you have spaces and appropriate clothing, and take them to replace them. Throw away or give away clothes that do not fit.

  • Start ordering personalized t-shirts. Now you are probably tired of the shortcomings of OTR shirts. They … are just not right. Measure yourself and start experimenting with custom dress shirts. Once you have a perfect fit, you will probably never buy another shirt in the store again.

  • Add light-colored pops to show that you are still young. A V-neck with salmon in the summer or Go-To-Hell pants on the golf course shows that you are not content with the essentials.Buy classic sunglasses. Gone are the days when you could wear the latest fashion in sunglasses, so now is the time to look for sunglasses that will not go out of fashion in 2 years. And only wear sports sunglasses when exercising; It’s weird to see a grown man wearing Oakleys for brunch.

  • Take your shoe collection to the next level. Once you have the necessary three dress shoes, add other unique pairs of tie-dyed leather for a more casual look.

  • Start investing in better quality clothing. At this age, you probably feel a little more financially secure, so now is the time to start investing in better quality pieces in your wardrobe. We strongly recommend that you buy high quality outerwear that you can enjoy for decades if you have a classic style and take good care of yourself. 

  • Improve your draw game. Think of some ties and ties when dressing casually. Both work well with V-neck sweaters and cardigans.

  • Challenge yourself to create new combinations. As you get older, it’s easy to put on what you know and what works. Occasionally, you need to make an effort to create a new combination of items to keep the skill alive.

Forty to Sixty

how to dress your age

sports coat

You work on your life goals and have long known what works and what does not work for your body. You have a few favorites in your closet because you have been investing in classics over the last few decades. Attire at this age may be on autopilot, but times have changed and so have you. Age discrimination in the workplace is real: 21% of people over 40 report being victims, while the median age of the US workforce is 42.2 years. While it should be the responsibility of the workplace to tackle age discrimination, it is a way to keep your appearance fresh that can affect the way people look at you.

how to dress your age
how to dress your age
  • Reduce the fit of most of your clothes. While we are not in favor of chasing trends of all ages, it will help you maintain your youthful appearance by remembering some of today’s macro trends. Slim cuts are all the rage right now, so use thin, not tight! – Cutting in your jackets, pants and sweaters immediately updates your look.

  • Shuffle or edit items that no longer match. In the 80s and 90s, workwear was much looser, and by today’s standards they look too big. Tailor the sausage trousers so that it is not torn a little; Fold can be your thing, but throw or donate overly generous pants around the seat and thighs. If the shoulder seams on your jackets protrude past your shoulder edge, add them to the stack as well.

  • Update your glasses. Glasses have a unique strength that makes you look mature and young when you do it right. If you have been using the same framework for more than 5 years, it is time to update them. it is not a surprise

  • Update your suit shirts. You do not have to go out and buy a new shelf with flashy floral dresses, but if you rely a lot on classic white and blue, updating your shirts to add some small designs like plaid will add a little extra flair. freshness to your appearance.

  • Avoid the “old type” office uniform. If you work for a large company, there is probably a contingent of men aged 40 to 65 who wear the company “uniform” every day.

  • Keep your denim fresh. Denim is especially ruthless when it comes to looking old-fashioned, so try to update your denim regularly at this age. That means you do NOT have to buy the same brand, wash and trim every time you shop, nor does it mean you have to buy ripped mustache jeans with embroidered pockets. For a classic look, invest in dark denim with a matching (or rolled) edge

  • Reassess your tie. As with other aspects of your wardrobe, ties like tie and tie can get older. It’s time to donate or donate your 80s and 90s ribbons and add stripes, crisp knots and ribbons in classic widths and patterns. While doing this, check if you need a short or high tie; They were not widely available 20 years ago, but the size is great for solving the problem of a draw that is too long or too short.

  • Freshen up your haircut. It can be difficult; At this age, you probably know exactly what you like and what looks good to you. Although you may not have changed hair in a decade, we recommend that you try it; it is a crucial element to have a youthful aesthetic. For example, if you Have a classic page section on, consider making the pages shorter. If you are not sure what to do, ask your stylist, or (eek!) Find a new one to come up with suggestions.

  • Use color carefully, but do not avoid it. Chatreuse sports jackets should be a thing of the past for you, but color is still your friend. Use classics like pastels in the summer and jewelry tones in the cooler months. Use bright colors as an accent in the accessory and you can not go wrong.

  • Do not give in to the temptation to walk the “comfortable” shoe route if you do not need it. We understand that the feet have their own needs, but when it comes to shoes, more sophisticated styles make you look more stylish and youthful than obviously youthful. So skip vans and go for moccasins, moccasins, chukkas and just about any other shoe. Boat shoes work well in the summer, but sneakers are best returned to the gym.

  • Find a role model you can follow. Sometimes it’s hard to determine what a young but mature person looks like … exactly. If you are struggling to get it from this list, find a guy who has the style you like and find ways to shape your style according to theirs.

  • Finally, try something new. Even if you have followed all the above steps, it never hurts to try something new, especially at an age where you probably can not change anything and everything is fine. The point is, you are training yourself to use your change muscle by going out and trying something new. How about a leather jacket, a colorful shoe or a summer jacket?

Sixty and more

how to dress your age
how to dress your age

At this age, you are probably retired or eager … or may never want to retire! You spend your days on the golf course, playing cards with friends or traveling the world. Just because you get older does not mean you have to switch from oxford shoes to velcro shoes. You can still show your age and stay fashionable and comfortable at the same time, but the point is to avoid falling into some pitfalls. Start by reviewing the age group 40-60 above; all these suggestions are still relevant to you. Here are some additional tips once you are a Medicare candidate:

How To Dress Your Age
How To Dress Your Age and dressing too young for your age can often have the wrong effect
  • Do not overcompensate, it is obvious and unflattering. I strongly doubt that people look at Donald Trump’s hair and wish it looked that way too. Overcompensating for your genetic luck ends up being even more painful than before! Better to be a bald, modern guy who owns it, than to look desperate and insecure. Kiss no matter what hair you have, no matter the color!
  • It does not matter what other people think! Congratulations, you have come through most of your career and now is the time to reap the benefits. One of these rewards is the right to worry less about what other people think. We always recommend dressing appropriately for important occasions such as weddings, funerals, board meetings, etc.
  • Reassess your shoe needs. As you get older, your feet and your needs change. For some men, stiff shoes with Goodyear-for are no longer comfortable. Instead, look for orthotics that can be placed inside the shoes, rather than buying orthopedic shoes, or going for less structured shoes, like loafers or Chukka boots.
  • Change your wardrobe every five years and change it when your body changes. As we get older, our bodies change and it is always a good look to wear well-fitting clothes.
  • Keep your accessories simple and classic. A simple gold watch like a Cartier Tank will look classic and sophisticated, especially when paired with simple gold cufflinks or a matching necklace.
  • Do not be afraid of diapers. If you find that it cools faster, layering is the best way to make sure you are still comfortable. Keep your layers thin and the look stays fresh.
  • Keep investing. Even if you think you have a full wardrobe, it is important to keep the update of your collection when things wear out, go out of style or no longer serve you. Don’t forget to add new and different clothes too!Image result for age factor into love of style mens

    age factor and love of style


There are many ways to look younger or older, depending on what you are trying to achieve. For most of us, the goal is not that, but rather to look at our age. What advice do you have to dress your age? Be sure to send us a photo of your favorite outfit. Thanks 🙂

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