Dress like a stylish man. Like it or not, the seasons change and winter is just around the corner. From a clothing standpoint, the looming temperature drop brings a wealth of options: down jackets for all kinds of weather, dark indigo denim jackets, light fabrics, leather boots, the list goes on.

To help you update your wardrobe for fall / winter 2021, we have put together a curated version of key trends and the most versatile menswear pieces from local local and international menswear designers.

Retro-Styled Sportswear with Modern Trimmings

Men's Tan Cotton Blazer, White Crew-neck T-shirt, Charcoal Chinos, Silver Watch | Mens fashion magazine, Mens fashion blog, Mens outfits

If you love American sportswear, the new seasonal offering from Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans will surely excite you. Here, MasterChef’s Hayden Quinn embraces his refined but casual style with the latest pair of jeans – a faded wash for the perfectly worn look.

A Fresh Take on Nine-To-Five Style

Fashion Jobs - 5 Sneakers Men Need On Their Radar This Season - Fashion Jobs in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Canada | Style Nine to Five

The best way to add personality to a corporate wardrobe? With details. Whether it’s a subtle cuff design or the luxurious lining of your coat, no one does it better than Ted Baker.

From architect Nick Tobias in sleek suits to the more casual approach of former AFL star Tom Derickx – Ted Baker’s menswear details let your personality shine through.

After-Work Drinks

the-suit-men | Formal mens fashion, Mens outfits, White shirt outfits

Are you not in a hurry to get home? Whether you have booked an after-hours briefing with your boss or an after-work drink, Gant’s new seasonal offerings provide a quick change of pace. Dress up your office-approved shirt with stylish winter padding. Alternatively, you can opt for a sky blue sweater from Gant during the fall months.

The High-Tech Set

The best stylish headphones you can buy

Technology is the saving grace of modern man. With Bose, next-generation technology meets design perfection. From noise-canceling sleep units to smart audio offerings, Bose fits right into the new season’s aesthetic.

Relaxed Suiting for Everyday

mv1.jpg | Blazer outfits men, Mens fashion suits, Mens clothing styles

Most daily events fall between a casual barbecue on Sunday afternoon and a party night. Lift up your daily arsenal with casual clothes on Country Road; Pair a classic blazer in neutral tones with your shirt and chinos for instant appeal. Founder of the Resilience Project, Hugh Van Cuylenburg shows us how he with his up / down approach to costume.

High-Voltage Color

dress like a stylish man
dress like a stylish man

When neutral just does not work, Mostly black, white and gray are short clothes in the colder months. While it may seem counterintuitive, a color palette may be just what you need to revive your winter wardrobe. Hayden Quinn’s winter clothing: a light hoodie with logo and designer denim from Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Performance.

Casual-Cool Weekend Style

dress like a stylish man
dress like a stylish man

Lift up your basics with the Paul Smith menswear collection. AFL musician and player Tom Derickx knows how to lift a standard denim look and weekend tee. A varsity-style sweater for the modern man has varsity sleeves and a fitted silhouette in complementary tones.

Sharp Tailoring to Make an Impression

dress like a stylish man
dress like a stylish man

Some days are more important than others. Dress to impress at your next show. Award-winning architect Nick Tobias understands the importance of dressing. Add an element of sophistication to your style with a striking old school plaid jacket, then add an eye-catching pocket square.

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