Hair is the most exciting part of our body that can change the vibrations of an individual as long as it is given in different styles.  The question may arise in our psyche, what does hair look like? Hair actually comes out of follicles that are made up of proteins. Hair grows as the thickness of the epidermal cells increases. The thickness rate depends on the availability of carbohydrates, fats, nutrients, chemicals and minerals, etc. You can get longer and shinny hair fast by following our tips.

Normally, hair grows 2 inches every month, but development can be affected by hereditary variables. For longer hair, drink water unnecessarily. There should be a legitimate eating routine that contains all the essential nutrients, chemicals, minerals and sugar. We do not need to clean our hair every day as this can damage the hair follicles and slow down the development. The cleanser does not shine the hair, but is used to remove all types of dirt from the hair.

Use of Oil Mask

longer and shinny hair

Using Seven Day Oil Veil can improve hair development, as the hair in contact with our shoulder is more scarred than on the scalp. They need more special attention than younger hair. Hair colors must be kept strategic.

Do Not Use Hair Straighter Too Much

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Using straight or curly hair can slow down hair growth. Aloe Vera gel can provide hair security and also provides important minerals that need to grow.

Do Not Comb Wet Hair

longer and shinny hair

We should not brush wet hair as it can break it, so brush it before washing.
Brushing or unnecessary treatment of the hair should be avoided. In case we cover our hair with a scarf, it will clog the ground in the hair and improve its length. Islam also commands us to cover our hair. Muslim girls who cover their heads have beautiful long hair than non-Muslim girls who do not cover their heads. The explanation is that opening in daylight can damage the hair follicle.

Avoid Too Much Swimming

longer and shinny hair

Stay away from excessive swimming as it can also soften the hairs as chlorine is generally used in weak concentration to cleanse it which can get into the follicular cell and is not suitable for hair development.

Fatty Acid taken from fish

longer and shinny hair

The unsaturated fats extracted from fish, nuts and avocados can help speed up hair development. Collagen is the protein that the hair contains when it is lost, it can cause breakage of the hair and can be formed by eating organic products rich in C nutrients like strawberries, citrus fruits.

Nuts, oats and brown rice is rich source of beta complex

longer and shinny hair

Nuts, oatmeal and ground rice are a rich source of the beta complex, where biotin occupies a place that is a basic nutrient for hair development. Methylsufolylmethane when used can help increase keratin, which is also a hair protein and also strengthens the hair follicles. Iron is essential for the hair follicle, which provides solidarity to the hair while eating green vegetables. Nutrient E helps increase the amount of keratin, which helps reduce hair breakage. It can very well be acquired by eating boiled spinach, almonds and sunflower seeds, etc.

Coconut oil mask

longer and shinny hair

The coconut oil veil can help the hair grow faster. Using milk can generate the proteins needed for the hair because milk is a combination of different proteins needed for the hair.

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