4 Simple Ways to Always Look Stylish And Fashionable

4 Simple Ways to Always Look Stylish And Fashionable

In our current reality, where design options are eternal, it may not be hard to be dominated when choosing what to wear. Without a doubt, you will always look stylish and fashionable. Your warehouse is an accident with examples, tones, surfaces, and patterns that can really be overwhelming in the morning when you go to work (or anywhere, for that matter).

However, in reality, there are a few insider ideas to always look great while building a robust and useful wardrobe that will stand the test of time (and models). Here are four principles I learned from one of my greatest bloggers, Geneva of A Pair and a Spare, that will make sure you look stylish in general.

Dress with Three Colors at a Time

Always Look Stylish and Fashionable

There are a few tips to keep in mind when updating this standard. More importantly, white does not really need to include any of its undertones. So if you wear dark jeans, a red jacket and a white shirt, you can actually add an extra shade without breaking down the overall good taste. In addition, bold print (with multiple shades) only considers one shade. Just keep the rest of your clothes very simple and just consolidate the colors that are on the print.

This tip may sound too simple, but when I first started testing it, I realized that it really does have a significant effect. Check out the Geneva article here, and also check out Sarah’s blog for real motivation.

Invest in Timeless Things, Not Trendy Items

Always Look Stylish and Fashionable

If you live in a city where H&M is immediately accessible, you will realize how difficult this standard can be. You have to buy “just a shirt”, and before you know it, you have bought a lot of clothes that can withstand just one season of patterns. (I know, “They had a really good deal, though!”)

Really fun, you can put the money you spent on eight neon necklaces (which everyone and your mom will wear) and put them in an exemplary dark cowhide coat or cape dress. Also to decorate your neon accessories? Find a used accessory in a thrift store (or take one of your own that you no longer carry), paint it with neon paint and voila – a modest statement that is extraordinarily yours. (And probably better). Geneva has some great DIY projects on their blog that always look impeccably ripped off the runway and not kitschy at all.

Learn How to Thrift Well

Always Look Stylish and Fashionable

Probably the best blessing my mom ever gave me was to show me how I could filter through the clothes shelves in a thrift store or trade productively. It requires investment and practice, but it is often worth it. His eye prepares to pick fortunes from a possible ton of waste, and eventually he is ready to quickly discover silk from manufactured materials.

As Geneva points out, older clothes, provided they are in reasonable condition, are mostly made with much better development and quality than most of the cheaper clothes manufactured today. You can usually also find vintage fashion jewelry if you are lucky and look good – half a month ago a colleague found me a vintage red Dior coat for $ 2.99!

Also do not forget: linen and tailor are your closest companions. In the event that you discover a fortune with a recoverable stain or perhaps a too long solution, nothing can be resolved. Plus, if you discover something that is too big or too small, but that has a visible feel or structure, there is always a do-it-yourself to get it back!

Take Time to Go Through Your Wardrobe

Always Look Stylish and Fashionable

Geneva has formulated the ideal method of managing your warehouse so that everything in your closet has an address and is something you actually use and love. It is a program consisting of six companies: separate, re-coordinate, characterize your style, distinguish between your wardrobe basics, control shades and patterns, and focus your purchases.

Drive fast through your guide, help yourself at this point and take a whole day to disassemble and back up. You do not feel worried – if you remove the clutter and just keep what you need and love, you may make yourself look more stylish and less overwhelmed when you dress normally.


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